7 Ways to Earn Money From Your Art

If you want to make a living as a visual artist, you have to accept the truth that selling your artwork does not cut it. It is not enough to rely on art collectors and clients, you have to diversify to survive while doing what you love best.

Creating your art is one thing you are now good at, but it does not mean instant financial success. Before diving into the art market, you need to know how to monetize your art. You also have to critically evaluate your skill sets. You can’t just accept public speaking if you have stage fright, but you can explain your creative process by recording a video and uploading it on YouTube.

Diversify your revenue streams through these:

Sell Prints

Most people think that only photographers sell prints of their artworks. Illustrators, painters, installation artists, sculptors, and even a paper artist can also make money by selling high-quality prints of their artwork.

Woof paper art by artist Calvin Nicholls

This gives some fans the chance of taking home a part of your art though they do not have the money to purchase the original. Additionally, you can increase the chance that more people will see your artwork. This can create noise in your career and add to your popularity.

Teach in Workshops 

You might love teaching, but planning a full course is a daunting task. If you like engaging students and sharing your skills, teaching in a workshop is a perfect way to supplement your income. Workshops are not limited to just certain artists, though it is most popular among photographers.

Speaking Engagements

speaking engage

If you are into public speaking, then you can accept speaking engagements as a guest lecturer in universities, corporate events or seminars.

This can also compliment your workshop gigs. If you don’t know where to start, you can look for local organizations who are interested in what you do. It does not have to be art organizations, other groups may also be interested. If you are into animal photography, you can entice animal rights groups.

Be an Online Influencer

If you don’t know yet the power of social media, then you have been living under a rock. Build a fandom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Collaborating with diverse companies also helps. You can start with art supplies and even partner with fashion brands.

Create YouTube Videos

Aside from the fact that potential buyers can find you, you can spark interests by sharing your creative process online.

youtube videos

You can discuss how you get your inspiration, how you started your career, how it helps the community, various techniques and much more. Add to that, you can also earn a commission from recommending the products you use for your artwork.

Write an eBook

If you are not keen to take tutorial videos, you can write an eBook about your craft. Whether your topic is about the basics of your art, a specific medium, or a specialist approach, you can write about it and publish online. Add t that, you can add your book to your credentials.

Earn Royalties

Ever heard of stock photos? How about selling your art in various stock images such as in  Shutterstock and Getty Images. You can submit illustrations, vector graphics, or your photos while you are doing your artwork.

Whatever you want to try, remember that you do it professionally since you are extending your brand as an artist. Think out of the box and choose the best path that will take you to your bigger goals.

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